April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. Nobis hotel (through Rumid)
2. Scones in white (through Paonote-Room269)
3. Lamp Baklava (through Rumid)
4. More or Less by Nanna van Blaaderen

DIY wooden bead trivets


How great are these wooden bead trivets? And you can make them yourself very easy. Look at the DIY tutorial by A Merry Mishap (a great blog too).

I will add them to my DIY list because they look so great.

Found through Remodelista.

Dutch designer Elvira Vroomen


The collection of Dutch bag designer Elvira Vroomen is characterised by pure forms, lush prints and clean material use, mostly felt and genuine leather. The bags and purses have screenprinted and lasercut drawings and bright-coloured lining that forms an eye-catching contrast.

I discovered this brand when visiting a fair and loved the bag in the second image. A nice bag that also fits around your shoulder. Beautiful, easy and with style!

Images through Elvira Vroomen

clean office


Inspired by this clean office space. My work space will never look so clean and tidy as this but at this point I am cleaning up my workspace and doing some little re-styling. Painting my table white and I am planning to add a nice custom made piece of furniture to store my books and add some personal stuff. 
This workspace definitely has my 100% love!
Image by Norm Architects

Wherever we are...


Words to remember...
Image through Marta Writes

Photographer Alex Profit


100% love for these images by french photographer Alex Profit.

His website shows more beautiful images and you should take a look at Tasty Hotels by Alex Profit with an al dente selections of hotels and guest houses.

Be inspired...

Images by Alex Profit

split by Katarina Hall


Loving this room divider by Katarina Hall, inspired by the function of a plank to separate a given area, keep out noise or the hide something. The room divider called Split mimics the plank by form and function but by its rotatable boards it also receives additional dimensions. You can change the wall pattern, adjust the light or have a glimse of what lies on the other side.

Functionalism, simplicity and a sense of poetry are some of the keywords for the work of Katarina Hall. The result could be a twist to something ordinary, an addition that changes the old and the used to something new and exciting.

Images by Mans Berg through Katarina Hall

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. white interio r through Styleathome
2. tree puzzle by BellaPuzzlesToo
3. bedroom wall pieces through Fromscandinaviawithlove
3. PT lamp by Present Time

make yourself comfortable


Summer is leaving us...it looks like autumn here with lots of rain.

So although it's summer I wanted to share some fireplaces with you because with this kind of bad weather you really can feel like putting on the fire and make it warm and cosy.

For an interior project I am also looking for some fireplace inspiration and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. Love that bit of industrial look you can create with a fireplace...

Images 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

WHITE: pure, clean and warm


White, a color that is clean, pure but also warm as you can see in the above images made by one of my favorite photographers, Ditte Isager. 

The rooms all have so much that feeling of ease and remain warm with so much personality and style. Combining different shades of white with some touches of wood, shades of grey and warm beige colors and using different structures make this all together a well-balanced home.

100% love from me.

Images by Ditte Isager

wire love


I have fallen in love with wire. Every time I see something made of wire, wether it is a home accessory, a chair or something artful, my eye is drawn to it and I love it.

Think it has something to do with the clean, minimal look it has for me...

Above some of my wire love
1. wire art 
2. Eames wire chair 
3. Pastoe wire chair
4. Emu wire chair

PLINT typestry


Plint Typestry from MotionTales on Vimeo.

Do you remember the foodstyling project Time which I did together with Sinja, who asked me to help her? This month Sinja graduated Cum Laude and above you can see an impression of her graduation project. 

PLINT typestry is a wall carpet designed for meeting and waiting rooms. It consists out of two layers. The first layer is made of felt, with a pattern of branches on removable circles. Together these circles form the silhouette of a tree. The second layer is made of textile with printed letters on it. The pattern with branches is like a puzzle. You can build the tree like you want or you can remove the circles where as the letters will appear. The wall carpet challenges visitors to make contact and make up their own tree image or story.

Sinja, congratulations with your beautiful project and I would love to have this wall carpet in my office or somewhere in my home...

Images and movie by Sinja Bloeme 



100% love for this space. So pure, clean, natural and minimalistic. It makes me feel peaceful...

Image: source unknown

Guest blog: Summer inspiration

Candice from The Design Boards asked me to do a summer inspired guest post on her blog.
You can find my summer inspired outdoor spaces here and I hope you will get in the summer mood.

Image: source unknown

Photographer Bart Brussee


Some interior and still shots by Bart Brussee, a Dutch photographer.
I especially was attracted to the above images, just a selection of all the beautiful images he has captured.

Images by Bart Brussee



Aren't these clocks amazing? They would look truly special on a wall. These clocks are made by Mariko, owner of the shop Iluxo. Iluxo is a handmade fashion brand featuring necklaces, earrings but also home decor pieces.

The work is primarily in wood, acrylic and leather and the fashion items are also amazing. So take a look in this shop and discover more.